Customer Segmentation

The reFocus customer segmentation solution helps your account managers identify and prioritize the best and most loyal customers.

  • Identify the important characteristics of your best and your worst customer segments.
  • Understand which customer characteristics and behaviors drive profitability and satisfaction.

Knowing who your best and your worst customers are and the important characteristics of each segment will help you determine how to retain and grow your best customers. It also helps you determine how to transition your less profitable and less satisfied customers to higher levels of profitability and satisfaction or alternatively, how to lower your cost to serve these customers.

Prospect Segmentation

The reFocus prospect segmentation solution helps your sales and marketing team find more accounts that resemble your best customers.

  • Identify your best and your worst prospect segments.
  • Learn how to effectively target your best segment profiles in your customer acquisition programs.

Organizations waste time and resources on prospects that will not deliver revenue to the business. Data and analytic driven prospect segmentation will help you acquire the best new customers for the least amount of money.