Lead Scoring

reFocus Lead Scoring empowers your sales team and prioritizes leads based on science, not instinct.

  • Identify and prioritize the most valuable leads for your business.
  • Ensure that your limited sales resources are focused on leads that will convert and generate revenue.

Marketing automation and other tool providers promise users that they can prioritize leads with their scoring engines. Unfortunately, most of their scoring algorithms are based upon judgmental criteria and are not empirically derived utilizing predictive statistical methodologies. Because of this, users face a challenge when determining which data attributes to use and what weights to apply to appropriately score and rank order leads. That is why many tool purchases go unimplemented for months and sometimes years and even when they are utilized they are often ineffective.

Cross-Sell / Up-Sell Scoring

reFocus cross-sell and up-sell scores help your sales teams prioritize and focus on those customers with the most potential for increased profitability and satisfaction.

  • Improve customer satisfaction through interactions that are aligned with your customer's specific needs.
  • Identify and target existing customers who can provide an opportunity for increased sales and greater lifetime value.

Customer satisfaction is the key driver for expanding relationships with existing customers. Every interaction your customers have with your products, employees and channels represents an opportunity to grow the relationships. Cross-sell and up-sell analytics will identify the customers with the greatest potential so your employees can focus on the right revenue opportunities.

 Retention Scoring

reFocus retention scores and attrition triggers help your customer management organization focus and prioritize its retention efforts on the highest-value customers.

  • Identify the measurable triggers and corresponding data that indicate an existing customer may be transitioning away from your organization.
  • Predict customer attrition and more effectively prioritize your retention efforts.

As the saying goes, it is much easier and less expensive to keep an existing customer than it is to book a new one. Developing and executing a data and analytics driven retention strategy will help you focus your customer retention efforts on at-risk, high-value customers.