An Integrated, Actionable Approach To Customer Lifecycle Intelligence

Our integrated analytic solutions span the entire customer life cycle from acquisition and lead scoring to on-boarding and cross-selling to retention and re-capturing lost relationships. We help clients answer key questions critical to their business success such as:

  • Do I have the right data and the right mix of data to predict key prospect and customer behavior? If not, how do I acquire that data and utilize it?
  • Is there external data available that will help me identify and acquire more, new good customers? If so, how do I acquire that data and utilize it?
  • How do I prioritize and appropriately route leads coming in from all of my channels, including the web, so that I book the most, new good customers for the least amount of time and money?
  • How do I either increase the profitability and satisfaction of my existing customers and/or reduce the cost to serve them?
  • Which of my existing customers are about to leave and how can I prioritize my efforts at retaining the most important ones?

To answer these key questions we follow these guiding principles that our clients continue to endorse through our high level of client satisfaction:

We Give Only Unbiased, Honest Assessments to Our Clients

Because of the depth and breadth of our marketing and sales leadership experience we are able to not only design analytic solutions that improve performance, but we are able to effectively build and test them taking into consideration the myriad of possible complicating factors inherent in executing through a sales force. This requires honesty from us and our clients.

Our Solutions Are Always “Tool Free”

Most companies have already made substantial investments in sales enablement tools which is why our analytic solutions are designed to be easily integrated into existing CRM and marketing automation systems rather than introduce another “tool” that sales representatives and managers are required to learn and to use.

All of Our Consultants Have Significant Experience Managing and Leading Marketing and Sales

The consultants at reFocus have real world marketing and sales leadership experience. We're not just statisticians, we are marketing and sales leaders who have learned how to develop, deploy and optimize analytic solutions. We do this in pursuit of driving sales and profits and of expanding and retaining profitable customer relationships.

We Tap Into Multiple Data Sources

Our analytic solutions incorporate data attributes from multiple internal and external data sources and are easily integrated into your marketing automation and CRM systems, thus making your existing tools smarter.

Our Solutions Are Always Immediately Actionable

Because our consultants have designed sales and marketing processes and managed and lead sales teams, they are able to provide actionable insight into the changes in sales processes, reporting and management practices that are needed to fully optimize our newly deployed analytic solutions.